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Lm. Phi Quang

Hỏi 92


I don't know if this is the right place to forward my question, but I figure I will give it a try. don't know how to make my long story "short" so I am just going straight to my problem. I was born and raise as a catholic and of course as well as my family (mom, dad, brother and sister). I have a relationship with a "non-catholic" guy for ten years already and yes we are still together. we had a child together, she was baptize and already receive first communion (this is just to let you know that she was raise under catholic life). As for my "non-catholic" partner, he already went thru and completed the prep. course, where they prepare you to be baptize. But at the last minute, (where in just one more week is the official ceremony on Easter) I call him up and said that, "don't convert just because you want to be with me (because he told me he doesn't believe in God)". So then everything was cancel. I realize that if he want to convert then let it come from the heart and faith not by forcing. As for me the only thing that I feel VERY guilty is that I haven't receive communion for ten years already and I DO NOT want to stretch this problem any longer. Well the above is to give you and brief idea of my problem and here is my question. Are there a way to let me legally receive communion when I go to church without my partner have to convert into a catholic? I hope I don't confuse you with my unorganized story Thank you Father .
Kelly Nguyen



Thank you for your good question.  I understand your difficult situation. For a brief answer I would say: Yes, there is some way by which you can receive communion legally even your partner might not convert to the Catholic Church. The only one thing you have to do is to ask the Church to validate your marriage.  As I understand, your marriage has not been recognized by the Church because your marriage was not contracted in the presence of the local Ordinary or parish priest, and in the presence of two witnesses.  In other words, your marriage is not valid.  Now you can bring the case to your parish priest and ask him to validate your marriage.  You may ask him to help you asking for a dispensation needed for the marriage in which one partner is a Catholic, and another is a non-baptized person.  After that, he will work out to let you celebrate your marriage in the Church.  I hope that your pastor will willingly help you to solve this problem.