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Lm. Phi Quang

Hỏi 212

Hello Father, I live in America, and my Grandmother passed away almost two years ago of cancer. Her dying wish was to be cremated and be brought back to Vietnam in a church where her Dad and Sisters are resting. However, my aunt, which is her daughter, thinks that she should keep a portion of my grandmother's remains in her house so that in the future she won't have to visit Vienam often. I am worried because we never asked permission from my grandmother when she was alive. I am worried that we are making a mistake. Thank you, Father, your explanation will greatly appreciated! Cecilia Vy Nguyen.



Dear Cecilia Vy Nguyen, thank you for your good question. Although the Church allows cremation, She insists that cremated remains must be given the same respect as the body, including the manner in which they are carried and the attention given to their appropriate transport and placement. According to the document of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) (1997), the following are not considered to be reverent dispositions that the Church requires: scattering cremated remains, dividing cremated remains and keeping cremated remains in the home. I hope that you can convince your aunt to respect your Grandmother’s will and also to obey the Church’s teaching.